Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scumbag Shelley Lubben

Shelley Lubben is a self-proclaimed 'prophet' who runs a Christian anti-porn organization (i.e. vehicle of self-promotion). She argues that porn greatly harms the community and destroys the lives of women who work in that industry, her viewpoint based on a combination of faulty, often undocumented 'research' and worse-case scenario ancedotes/embellished testimonials.

Check out the documentary The Devil and Shelley Lubben below if you are interested in learning more about her delusional distortion of reality and how it was her shitty life choices, and not the porn industry, that led to most of her life problems.

By several accounts, Mrs. Lubben still likes to drink, dance, and curse like a sailor, three things I'd admire if she wasn't such a hypocrite about it, and if she didn't treat the women she 'helps' like shit.  Seriously. On second thought, given that Lubben might suffer from something akin to histrionic personality disorder, those three things might not be good for her.  I hope she gets the help she needs.

Thanks to Michael Whiteacre and Lydia Ann Lee (a.k.a. Julie Meadows) for all of their work and commentary regarding Mrs. Lubben.


  1. She's okay. You are the fucker. Sorry for that it may hurt hearing th truth ;-)

  2. Many thanks for linking to these videos, and spreading the word about this charlatan!

  3. wow sounds like she hit a nerve. if it wasent true you would not be talking about her like least she can change her life for the better
    and your still in the same garbage.

  4. No problem Michael...I just appreciate your hard work.

    For the two Lubben supporters, I'll stay in the dark if this is the light:

  5. very enlightening. The blog is not defending porn, it merely states the fact that Shelley Lubben is a hypocrite and a fake. Even as a christian I have no trouble accepting that

  6. I completely agree that Shelley made some sub-par life decisions to say the least, and has psychological issues that need to be dealt with. I'm just not sure how this takes away from her argument. Dumb life choices, traumatic childhood involving rape, and mental illness pught to support her atgument. They typically (not exclusively) do go hand in hand with porn actors and actresses. And while I don't understand enough about mental illness or porn to imply causation one way or the other, I think that either way, the correlation ought to be an argument against porn.

    A hypocrite? Probably. I'm a woman (I know, big surprise) who is a very proud feministand who detests all the pressure on us to look a certain way and am very vocal about. However, I am nervous about getting "fat", wrinkles, grey hair, etc. as much as any other woman out there (and while men experience similar anxieties, it's the degree to which they are felt and the extent to which people's lives are impacted that differs between the sexes). I'd say that makes me pretty hypocritical. Unfortunately, if I fully reject such pressures and don't work to conform to our culture's norms, I am of a strong suspicion that I will not be valued by society anywhere to the same degree that I am now. Plus I won't be valued as a woman, and for whatever reason, that sucks even more. It is a huge price to pay and I'm not yet able to do so. Someday I hope that I will be.

    Does Shelley screw up? Of course. Are all her points well referenced and fully supported by science? No, and the religious take makes non-Christians roll their eyes and for those who want to disagree with her, her religion makes it pretty easy to dismiss her perspective as being yet another belief that the Bible perpetrates that is dumb, outdated, and pointless. But science is getting a more comprehensive understanding of the influence of porn, and from what I have read, there are multiple concerns (along with claims against porn that are not supported by evidence). I don't have time to find the studies I have read as I have e to pick my kid up in 7 min. But do your own research - find peer reviewed journals and look up porn and objectification of women, influences on partners, addiction and denial potential, etc. Please.

  7. *when I wrote, "along with claims that are not supported by evidence" what I meant was, "(in addition to providing evidence of negative effects of porn), science is also disproving some of the arguments against porn."