Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Concise and Stupid Guide to The Concise Guide to Windows 3.1

Today while throwing things out, I came across:

A few facts:

The 'concise guide' is 195 pages.

Okay, so that is only one fact, but it is a strong enough fact that you should realize the guide is pretty far from concise.

Though it does look better between two sheep sheeping.
An example of the inanity: There are three and a half pages describing how to play solitaire.

I call bullshit!  Cards don't have a rank and Aces are high!

My arguably more concise version: It's frickin' solitaire!!

The guide is also a paradox: The person who can easily understand it won't need it, and the person who needs it will take one look at it, freeze, and call their computer literate family member or friend to come help them with whatever banal task they are doing that they don't understand.

Of course, as this operating system came out 18 years ago, no one this side of a dedicated member of the Cult of Weaver would be using Windows 3.1

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