Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stupid Solutions - Windows Media Center IR Hardware Not Detected

How to Bypass Windows Media Center IR Hardware Not Detected

Super quick explanation: Plug headphones into each empty slot of the infrared receiver.

More detail:

So, you are trying to watch TV through Windows Media Center on your TV. However, during set up, no matter what you do, you keep getting the error message:

"IR Hardware not detected"

After several hours of frustrated trying and searching forums, you might wind up under the impression that Windows is full of...

Because, well, it is.

Here is a simple solution that worked for me that I have not come across yet.

If your receiver looks like:

You will need to grab some headphones:

And plug those bitches into your Infrared Receiver:

Don't forget to plug both holes.

And leave your IR Device looking like:

There are about 743 responses a person could have to the last caption. If yours was "that's what she said", -10 points for being predictable.

This will bypass the dreaded, unskippable "IR Hardware Not Detected" screen. You will still need to fake several more steps and your setup won't work right. After your setup is complete, unplug your headphones.

Does this method work well to set up your Tivo and other media devices properly? No. If this is important, make sure you have all of the original hardware.

Will it let you bypass the "IR Hardware Not Detected" step, and hence avoid smashing your monitor to bits in a fit of pure, unadulterated rage, and just let you watch live TV? Yes.



    Thank you so very much!

  2. Thanks Dude! Worked just like that... should hav elooked this up hours ago!

  3. You are GOD TIER!!! After hours of being outright pissed at Media Center's bullshit IR requirements and hours of scouring forums, your post came along. Your solution is pure genius! Please keep up the good work, word will be getting around about your solutions to some of the most aggravating problems.

  4. THANKS!!! It WORKED!!!!! Pure Genius!!!

  5. Very thrilled to help some people solve this problem...thank you all for the kind comments.

  6. Your trick worked!! Thank you!!! I'm still having other issues, but at least I got past that stupid screen! Thanks sooooo much!!

  7. Thank you so much. It worked like a charm!

  8. Mine does not look like that....I have a remote and a small usb plug with a red piece on the end that lights up....it was suggested when I purchased the TV Tuner off of Amazon and got great reviews....I manually did it and could see what was on my TV on my set up screen...then the next step was IR Hardware detection....which failed

  9. Mine does not look like that. I have a small "set top box" and kept getting the IR message as well. Turned out plugging things into jacks nor positioning of the IR blaster was the issue. You have to put WRONG ANSWERS in when they ask you about your setup. I think we had to put in analog rather than digital to get it to work. It is ridiculous that Windows has not modified this so that you can get it to work. Few things are more frustrating than being able to get the picture and sound when it does a "test" tune-in, yet you can't just get it to play. People should contact Windows EN MASSE and complain. Comcast still acts like no one watches tv on their computers and disavows any knowledge of the problem. They don't want to help.

    1. Mine is still not working but the "test" tune in works perfectly fine! arggggg!!!!

  10. Awesome...thanks...this is the only fix that worked for me.

  11. I just want to know why Microsoft hasn't fixed this yet. Or why they require a Remote at all. We don't want it and we don't need it! I have the same issue as Anonymous (March 21, 2011). It's enraging and the whole thing is useless.

  12. Anon from 8/28/12, I couldn't agree more. Seems like it would be very simple to add a 'bypass this step' option for people that needed it.

    Very frustrating I must say...

  13. After trying for a month and setting up the WMC and getting IR Hardware not detected message it was very frustrating. I looked on all forums trying to get to bypass the Tv setup no one has a simple soultion to fix this and I tried all of them did not work. Came here via search engine link and found the solution. I used my Iphone 4S headphones and plugged it into the back of IR Device slot 1 worked liked a charm. Thank you...

  14. thank god i found this, worked great. i got "help" telling me i could not have more than 4GB of RAM, that it was not compatible with win 7 x64 and other bullshit lies, and those came from hauppauge "techs"!

  15. Also you may need to unplug your IR blaster-reciever device from its USB connector on your computer and move it to a different USB plug. That forced win7 to reinitialize the ir to work.

  16. it does not work with my laptop my play tv usb cant be used now

  17. Thanks a lot ! for the 'headphone' solution.

  18. any suggestions for hp computer running windows 8? digital cable box is connected, but windows media center cannot find IR receiver plugged in back of pc. the headphone trick didn't work.

  19. Thank you so much I got it to work.
    Just one question, how can I get past the "No TV signal on channel whatever so Manual recording could not be recorded" ?

    Any suggestions?

  20. Sorry Anon, no experience with this problem on Windows 8....but if I ever try to figure it out and do, I'll update this.