Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stupid Solutions - Windows Media Center IR Hardware Not Detected

How to Bypass Windows Media Center IR Hardware Not Detected

Super quick explanation: Plug headphones into each empty slot of the infrared receiver.

More detail:

So, you are trying to watch TV through Windows Media Center on your TV. However, during set up, no matter what you do, you keep getting the error message:

"IR Hardware not detected"

After several hours of frustrated trying and searching forums, you might wind up under the impression that Windows is full of...

Because, well, it is.

Here is a simple solution that worked for me that I have not come across yet.

If your receiver looks like:

You will need to grab some headphones:

And plug those bitches into your Infrared Receiver:

Don't forget to plug both holes.

And leave your IR Device looking like:

There are about 743 responses a person could have to the last caption. If yours was "that's what she said", -10 points for being predictable.

This will bypass the dreaded, unskippable "IR Hardware Not Detected" screen. You will still need to fake several more steps and your setup won't work right. After your setup is complete, unplug your headphones.

Does this method work well to set up your Tivo and other media devices properly? No. If this is important, make sure you have all of the original hardware.

Will it let you bypass the "IR Hardware Not Detected" step, and hence avoid smashing your monitor to bits in a fit of pure, unadulterated rage, and just let you watch live TV? Yes.